Custom Microparticles

Our innovative platform technology used for the production of monodisperse microbubbles and microparticles is based on microfluidic techniques. We have a patented technique which allows us to create microparticles of uniform and accurately controlled size at very high production rates.

Through the use of our proprietary technology we are able to offer low volume production of specially designed and engineered microbubbles or microdroplets that can be used as:

  • High definition ultrasound contrast agents enabling a stronger acoustic signal and improved image contrast
  • Controllable drug release method for target drug delivery systems
  • Customer defined bubbles of specific size, gas content and shell composition
  • Specialised purpose specific microbubbles

We are able to create sample volumes or low batch production using our latest generation platform system, which is situated in our R&D laboratory. We also offer characterisation and consultancy services for microfluidic production. We have more than 10 years of combined experience in the use of microfluidic technology for the production of microbubbles and microdroplets of uniform size and consistency.


“Uniform microparticles on demand”

Easily create your own custom monodisperse microparticle to accelerate your research and development projects

Consultancy and characterisation services

We offer consultation services on the use of microfluidic systems for the production of microparticles. Our main area of expertise is in the creation of monodisperse and stable microbubbles and microdroplets. We have full characterisation capabilities allowing us to guide you in choosing the most suitable production parameters for your microfluidic device. We are able to use our accurate in-line monitoring technology to give valuable real-time information on production frequencies and particle sizes.

Product range

By utilising our proprietary knowledge we have developed a microfluidic platform technology capable of producing highly monodisperse microbubbles. These bubbles can be produced to a specified size within the range of 2-10 microns with a precise and narrow size distribution. Our platform technology can be developed to help our customers create their required microbubbles in two ways:

Production systems

Through collaborative development we are able to offer microbubble or microdroplet production systems to meet our customers’ needs. These systems give our customers freedom to produce the monodisperse microsphere they require on-site and in high volume using our patented technology. Our latest production the MicroSphere Creator is designed to meet the needs of our customers in the laboratory environment. More information over this system can be found here.

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