MicroSphere Creator

The MicroSphere Creator is our compact and easy to use laboratory scale production system. This platform allows the user to produce highly uniform microbubbles or microdroplets on demand and in user defined quantities.

  • Set- and start-up fast and straightforward, plug & play. You don’t have to make a microfluidic setup,
    just insert your chip and go. We have developed this system to make microfluidics usable for everyone.
  • No contact between the system and your chemicals. The MicroSphere Creator is fully sterilisable and the system does not come in contact with
    the chemicals you insert.
  • Compatible with a wide range of liquids and gases
  • Microbubbles or droplets with sizes between 1-200 µm
  • Fast and simple: Pressure controlled flow. Giving you direct control over the droplet or bubble production process.
  • The analysis and inspection features intergrated in the MicroSphere Creator give you the tools to monitor your reactions in real time. The different versions of the MicroSphere Creator are adjusted to monitoring bubbles or emulsions.

“Uniform microparticles on demand”

Easily create your own custom monodisperse microparticle to accelerate your research and development projects


We use flow focussing techniques for the production of microparticles. This technique uses the outer fluid, or continuous phase, and the geometry of the microfluidic chip to confine the inner fluid, or disperse phase. As the fluids flow through the junction the disperse phase is confined and focussed creating a point where it will break-up into small droplets or bubbles of uniform size. A schematic of this geometry can be seen on the left.

The applications that this geometry allows are diverse, with gas/liquid mixtures microbubbles can be created and liquid/liquid mixtures allow microdropletes to be created. It is even possible to create solid microparticles either through chemical reactions or post production treatments such as UV exposure. Using this geometry for large volume production means that uniform dispersions and emulsions can be made and slight modifications to the design can allow double emulsions or Janus droplets, those with a two component core, to be created.




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